Songs Compositions

A sample for a primary school music continuum

Below is a sample for a possible primary school music continuum for playing instruments, that I have been developing since early 2016.

I am attaching a sample of one song, London Bridge, with several variations. The whole method covers around 20 songs, many of them taken forward to the next stage, on a different instrument​ so the children can understand the universality of the music notation. 
The age groups are overlapping, as there is a difference from class to class, from school to school, available instruments etc. ​Below follows a general guide only. 
My method covers the performing side of the national Curriculum in England:
- play tuned and untuned instruments musically (KS1) 
- play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts, using their voices and playing musical instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression (KS2) 
- use and understand staff and other musical notations (KS2)

Late Reception - Year 1
Rhythmic Notation - notes coloured by length; this is the first introduction to music notation; the colours help the children understand that there's a meaning to a shape in terms of length

Years 1-2

Chime bars: when the majority of the class is ready, the chime bars are the ideal stating instruments. Notes are coloured by the pitch of most chime bars. There are two variations - note letters and numbers, as some children are more confident with numbers, and some chime bars are also numbered.  

Years 2-3
Ocarina: Ocarinas are great introduction to recorders
Years 3-4-5-6
​​Recorders, piano, guitar, ukulele, harmonica, bass, drums - the range ​of instruments ​will vary from school t​o school and class to class... But it should give you an idea how a class can function as an ensemble, or when schools want a dedicated after school music club. ​
Different songs will be introduced according to the age and ability, but the​​ tabs/notation ​​will carry the format outlined in the attached files. 
Finally, the lead sheet file is for the teacher, to be able to sing the song with the children.​
​This method has proven to be inspiring for the school where I teach​, with the enthusiasm for learning going through the roof!