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The Acoustic Guitar instrumental in Mediterranean style, Biljana, was aded to the website.

The song All The Time from the album Bursting was added to the site.

The playlist Balkan Rock Fusion songs was added to the website.

The album Rapovanje has been updated with a link to an article about Macedonian Hip-Hop on Wikipedia, where the band Super Nova is mentioned.

The Macedonian Pop song Otkachen from the album Rapovanje by Super Nova has been updated with links to Pop/Rap/Rock and Songs in Macedonian playlists.

The composition Dawn from the album Restless has been added to the website.

The solo Bouzouki instrumental Misunderstanding (fromthe album The Sunny Island) was added to the website, as well as a Greek Bouzouki Instrumentals playlist.

The Balkan World Music song I'm In Love With You (feat: Djanan Turan was added to the website. also, two playlists were created: Songs In English and Balkan World Music

The song Otkachen has been added to the site and a Pop/Rock playlist has been created too.

Balkan Fusion Electric Guitar instrumentals playlist has been created and added to the website.

The album Bursting has been added to the website.

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