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The web-pages for Longing and The Sunny Island have been updated

The web-pages for the albums Calm and Bursting are now being updated.

Aegean Rhapsody and Pesnite Zvezdeni now updated in line with the new image of the site.

The web-page for MGCA has been now updated to the new style.

Ok, it's a re-working of the whole website. The album Nostlagia seems to be ready at the moment.

Currently updating all albums with the soundmanager 2 web media player.

The Acoustic Guitar & Baglamas instrumental composition Guitar Meditation from the album Nostalgia has been published to the website.

The Greek Baglamas instrumental composition Mrs Mastoridis from the album Nostalgia has been published to this website.

The album Nostagia has already appeared on iTunes:-)

The album Nostalgia has been released on 15th of July 2012 and now it starts its slow journey towards the hearts of the people.


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