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The Baglamas instrumental Mrs Mastoridis has been updated with a new player. This is the introduction of the Bandcamp player on this website, which is a switch over from Soundcloud. Bandcamp have developed a really nice audio web-player and enhanced the sharing options.

For more info about the concert, visit: valkania.com

Valkania plays at the Jamboree venue, 29 jan 2014. More info here

With my band Valkania we will be playing at the Earl Haig Hall on the 14 of Dec 2013. More info here.

With our band Valkania, a London-based acoustic Balkan music band, we have now a thriving Facebook page.


Check it out!

Hewre's a video of the last gig of our band Valkania from London.

We are playing a gig with my band, Valkania.

The albums Nostalgia and My Greek Christmas Slbum were slightly updated, with the tracks lists now appearing on the right side.

Song of the Week has been introduced, a simple highlight of one song per week (or month:-). The first track to enter is Balada (Ballad).

There have some other updates on the website, as a slightly new layout of the discography page and 'back-to-soundcloud' media player. I have been busy with the birth of our daughter and the moving in the new house, so musicvm.com didn't take much love from lately. But, it starts to look fresh again:-)

The article Names of Notes, part of the Intelligent Music book has been re-edited today - almost totally re-written.

The Introduction part of the Learn Beautiful and Intelligent Music Book has ben modified and a few extra paragraphs were added.

A book has been introduced today: Learn Beautiful and Intelligent Music - for adults: theory, techniques, improvisation, analysis etc. It's only introduced, so the Introduction page is being written... and I managed to add the Names of Tones as well as the Names of Tones on the Guitar

The album octopus In London has been added to the site and can be accessed here.


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