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Tsifteteli Cm performed by Valkania

19 Jan 2015

Tsifteteli in Cm, performed by Valkania in December 2014 at Luna Lounge, London.
Tsifteteli in Cm is an original instrumental, with the main theme performed on a Greek bouzouki.
It's represents a fusion of Arabic, Greek and Funk music.

Viktor Mastoridis - bouzouki
Nikolay Baldaranov - guitar
Andy Dewar - percussion
Emmanuel Man - bass




29 Jul 2014

My friend Thierry Deneux just released a new song.
So good - full of French and Mediterranean nostalgia, gentleness, culture, passion and emotion. And a ring of truthfulness, which is probably Thierry's best quality, besides his voice.

Baglamas instrumental Mrs Mastoridis has been updated

21 Jul 2014

The Baglamas instrumental Mrs Mastoridis has been updated with a new player. This is the introduction of the Bandcamp player on this website, which is a switch over from Soundcloud. Bandcamp have developed a really nice audio web-player and enhanced the sharing options.