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Going tonight at the Harrison Pub Balkan jam session, 8pm

The album Aegean Rhapsody is listen for sale on Ebay. If you are looking for a cheaper version of tye album, this is the place to go. 

On 10 March 2016 Valkania was recording its promo video. Here are some photos from the event: valkania.com/gig/shooting-promo-video

Wednesday, 2 December 18.30, we will be guests on 'A World In London (with Cultural Co-operation) 'radio show.
A World in London is the UK’s only weekly, live, global music show, established since 2006.
DJ Ritu presents a show that is focused on the cosmopolitan sounds and stories of Londoners. Produced by Cultural Co-operation.

Dear Valkanians,

Thanks for your generosity so far as we have now hit 40% of our target.
There's still time to get Valkanised for a cultural cause!

"Because of our cultural legacy."
Take for example our song FROZEN SOULS (Души Смрзнати, http://tinyurl.com/frouls).
Its base is Tsamiko, a mesmerising 3/2 rhythm used in Albania, Macedonia and Greece.
The chord-progression is made of blues and rock ballad elements.

Tsifteteli in Cm, performed by Valkania in December 2014 at Luna Lounge, London.
Tsifteteli in Cm is an original instrumental, with the main theme performed on a Greek bouzouki.
It's represents a fusion of Arabic, Greek and Funk music.

Viktor Mastoridis - bouzouki
Nikolay Baldaranov - guitar
Andy Dewar - percussion
Emmanuel Man - bass



Riverman by Nick Drake is one of the rare British pop/rock songs that are in uneven rhythm, 5/8.

However, with Valkania we wanted to take it even further, so we extended the song to 11/8!

Here it is, in the first live rendition at Luna Lounge, December 2014.

With Andy Dewar percussion, Nikolay Baldaranov guitar, Emmanuel Man bass and Viktor Mastoridis vocals and guitar.

After many years of preparations, an innovative  project for music education in primary schools is seeing the light of day. it's name is: Let's Musicise.

A song for children It's Christmas Time has been released, with free main and backing tracks, lyrics, chords and lead sheet (notation) available.

We are playing Earl Haig Hall, 4 September 2014, where the atmosphere is just great. The usual style, with some new songs added.

Details here.

Valkania is performing two sets of Balkan Rhythm'n'Blues @ Luna Lounge, Leytonstone, Sat 13 Sep, 8pm.
Free entry.
More info here: valkania.com/gig/valkania-luna-lounge-13-sep14

My friend Thierry Deneux just released a new song.
So good - full of French and Mediterranean nostalgia, gentleness, culture, passion and emotion. And a ring of truthfulness, which is probably Thierry's best quality, besides his voice.

One of the best World music albums in 2013, according to IndieAcoustic, the album Roots by Valkania finally appeared on MusicVM.com.


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