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Adding piano left hand and bass for LMGiii, lesson 13

27 Feb 2018

So, after discovering the way Lilypond works on its end-of-line key-cancellations, had some time and created bass line and left-hand piano for lesson 13.

Attached are the score and a draft mp3 (version 1)

Further, I remade left hand piano, created a strumming guitar pattern, so now the score looks and sounds much more logical (version 2)


Further changed the left hand piano, and took out some notes from the 2nd voice, to make it clearer...(version3)

Also, the parts are ready now:

LMGx-13-all-score-version3.pdf LMGx-13-all-score-version3.pdf
LMGX-13-drum'n'bass.pdf LMGX-13-drum'n'bass.pdf
LMGX-13-v1-guitar,ukulele.pdf LMGX-13-v1-guitar,ukulele.pdf
LMGX-13-v1-piano.pdf LMGX-13-v1-piano.pdf
LMGX-13-v1-recorder.pdf LMGX-13-v1-recorder.pdf
LMGX-13-v2-piano.pdf LMGX-13-v2-piano.pdf
LMGx-13-all-score-version2.pdf LMGx-13-all-score-version2.pdf
LMGx-13-all-score-version1.pdf LMGx-13-all-score-version1.pdf

Avoid key cancellation at the end of line on Lilypond

27 Feb 2018

I am working on the LMGx, the second stage of the Let's Musicise project. There are 15 lessons in that cycle, working on lesson 13, which at the moment consists of voice 1, voice and drums. I am working on Lilypond (2.18) notation program, using Frescobaldi UI. There are key changes for voice 2, and the key changes appear at the end the line. I used to search earlier for a solution and didn't find it, but today I managed, using the commands:


Lead-sheet for Drop By Drop (Капка По Капка) in Am

28 Jul 2017

Still preparing notations for Jadranka, the new singer of Valkania. 

Transposed Drop By Drop from F#m, where originally I sing it, to Am, which is good for her range.

Took almost two pages as the second part of the song is transposed to Bb minor.

Notation done in Frescobaldi, using Lilypond as the engine.

♮Drop By Drop-leadsheet in Am-Valkania ♮Drop By Drop-leadsheet in Am-Valkania

Notating the 2nd voice of 'the Rush'

27 Jul 2017

Preparing notations for Jadranka, a new female singer and violin player for Valkania. Just finished the 2nd voice for 'the Rush' instrumental.

♮The Rush notation, 2nd voice, with chords ♮The Rush notation, 2nd voice, with chords
♮The Rush notation, 2nd voice, no chords ♮The Rush notation, 2nd voice, no chords
♮The Rush notation, 2nd voice, with chords, modified Riff part ♮The Rush notation, 2nd voice, with chords, modified Riff part

Valkania @ 'A World In London' radio show

16 Nov 2015

Wednesday, 2 December 18.30, we will be guests on 'A World In London (with Cultural Co-operation) 'radio show.
A World in London is the UK’s only weekly, live, global music show, established since 2006.
DJ Ritu presents a show that is focused on the cosmopolitan sounds and stories of Londoners. Produced by Cultural Co-operation.