March-April 2014

Hello dear family, friends and colleagues,

With our band Valkania we have scheduled a few gigs for the next two months, and here's the overview:

Sat 8 March 8pm at Earl Haig, Crouch End

Wed 26 March 9pm at Jamboree, Limehouse

Sat 26 April, 8pm at Luna Lounge, Leytonstone

Wed 30 April  9pm at Jamboree, Limehouse

- - -

Also, with Una Palliser, an excellent violin player, we will be performing several gigs at the Secret Cinema event during March 2014. Can't tell you more at the moment (as it's a secret), but if interested, you can check the website of the organisers for more details and to eventually try and resolve the secrecy:-)

- - -

We played a few successful gigs in the last month. Some notable performance were at the Jamboree session, with a full house and a relaxed, homely atmosphere ( and the cultured gig at the London Theatre New Cross (  The links in brackets will allow you to hear some audio recordings from these concerts.

The cherry on the cake was the gig at Brixon's Hootananny. The reaction of the audience was overwhelmingly positive. We never expected to get such a good reception and create such joy with our little folky tunes, mainly in foreign (to the English ear) languages.
Didn't have time to get photos and videos online, but some of the best moments are cached by our dear friend Zlatko Andreevesvki in this youtube video:

Hope to see you on some of our next gigs.

Viktor Mastoridis
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