February 2014

Dear family, friends and colleagues,

There are few interesting things going on related to the music activities of my band Valkania and I thought it's best to share them with a (hopefully) short email/newsletter.

Last year with Valkania we played a few venues and they all keep calling us back, and new promoters get interested as well. So we now have a few gigs lined up in London (follow the links for more info):

Wed 19 Feb, 9-11pm, Jamboree, E1W 3HB, Limehouse DLR
(our monthly residency)

*Fri 21 Feb, 8-10pm, London Theatre New Cross, SE14 6TA
(a special gig, with guest appearance of Thierry Deneux)

Fri 28 Feb, 23-24h, Hootananny Brixton, SW2 1DF
(part of a bigger event that starts 9pm and ends 3am)

Our most beautiful concert this month will be at the London Theatre New Cross, a magical little theatrical venue that is intimate and inspiring for performing and listening. Our last gig there was probably the best in 2013.

Our band starts to mature and the sound and musical quality are on the rise. If you haven't heard us live, this is a chance to do so.
If you can't come (as many of you live thousands miles away from London), you can always check photos and videos from the gigs section on our website: valkania.com/gigs. Just scroll down and pass the 'upcoming gigs', till you see the 'past gigs'.

- - -
Valkania starts to get noticed! In January 2014 I was interviewed by Ljupco Jolevski, a journalist from Radio Free Europe Macedonia. The audio and text in Macedonian, as well as an English Google translation can be heard/seen here: valkania.com/press/radio-free-europe-mk

- - -
There's a new song that I wrote recently, inspired by a poem I read from Maja Redžić, a Bosnian friend of mine who lives in the Netherlands. The name is 'U Kući Od Nota', translating as 'In The House Of [Musical) Notes': youtube.com/watch?v=qM-JS54iJJI
The poem itself represents a piece of beautiful Bosnian poetry which is certainly hard to translate, but I hope that the music will bring some of the feelings and moods expressed there.

- - -

Stay in good health, and to finish by sharing the music of fellow colleagues, here's the link to the website of Thierry Deneux: thierrydeneux.com.
Thierry is a good friend of mine but more importantly he is singer who writes his own music and has matured to a high-quality, distinctive song writing level. He sings in English and French, and his music is a melange of Mediterranean, French, Brazilian, Jazz and simply beautiful melodies and rhythms.

- - -

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