Ajde Treta Majka

"Ajde treta majka" (ајде трета мајка) literary translated from Macedonian means - "let's go third mother". But in the colloquial, slang language, it has the meaning of "let's try for the final, third time". It also implicates faith that after two misses, we now know the wrongs and it's highly likely that the third time will be successful.

This is definitely the story of my poor newsletter, who suddenly decided to misbehave. But all is under control now and below you should see a beautiful email with a picture and some inspired writing.

I apologise for almost 'spamming' you.

Dear friends,

We are very happy to announce a special gig on the 20th of February in Rich Mix: Valkania plays as an opening act for Alekos Vretos.

Alekos Vretos is a Greek oudist, pianist and composer who merges jazz, Arabic, Greek and Latin music in a masterful and uplifting blend of sounds. Berklee-trained and known as ’The Jazz foreman’, “Alekos Vretos is not your average jazz musician, he has taken it personally to propagate world jazz music to everyone.” (Athens Voice).
To get familiar with the music of this original musician, best is to visit his youtube channel.

Valkania, the Balkan Rhythm'n'Blues band of London, with their pallet of instruments, languages, time-signatures and stories will be playing material from the album Roots, also introducing several new songs as well.

This concert will be a nice presentation of the beauty and magic that happens when two great musical civilisations meet: the Balkan / Near Eastern and Western. Most of the wonderful music we hear today is a result of blending of various cultures and the new sounds that emerge from that.
Both Alekos Vretos and Valkania, in their own way, are in search of those musical streams that unite and enrich us.

We hope to see you there and share with you these little precious musical streams.

Tickets: £10 in advance, and £12.50 on the door.
Time: 8pm
Address: Rich Mix Cinema and Arts Centre
35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road
Box Office 020 7613 7498

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