9 Feb 2015

Ajde Treta Majka

Submitted by VM

"Ajde treta majka" (ајде трета мајка) literary translated from Macedonian means - "let's go third mother". But in the colloquial, slang language, it has the meaning of "let's try for the final, third time". It also implicates faith that after two misses, we now know the wrongs and it's highly likely that the third time will be successful.

This is definitely the story of my poor newsletter, who suddenly decided to misbehave. But all is under control now and below you should see a beautiful email with a picture and some inspired writing.

26 Aug 2014

September 2014

Submitted by VM

Dear music lovers,

The 'autumn 2014' music season starts along with the school season, so here are some updates.

Emmanuel Mann joins Valkania as a bass-player, replacing Nikolay Angarev. Nikolay has been playing with us since 2012 and he has contributed enormously to the high quality of music that the band has produced, especially during the recording of the album Roots - one of the three best World Music albums, according to Indie Acoustic.

9 Feb 2014

February 2014

Submitted by VM

Dear family, friends and colleagues,

There are few interesting things going on related to the music activities of my band Valkania and I thought it's best to share them with a (hopefully) short email/newsletter.

Last year with Valkania we played a few venues and they all keep calling us back, and new promoters get interested as well. So we now have a few gigs lined up in London (follow the links for more info):

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