Working on the LMGj series, Au Claire De La Lune and London Bridge

The Let's Musicise LMGj (Junior) series is aimed at classroom teaching for ages 8-10.

12 songs in total.

Guitar, ukulele, piano, recorder and a generic lead sheet per lesson.

Here's a sample of Au Claire De La Lune and London Bridge

LMGj-05+06aClaire+lBridge-guitar.pdf LMGj-05+06aClaire+lBridge-guitar.pdf
LMGj-05+06aClaire+lBridge-piano.pdf LMGj-05+06aClaire+lBridge-piano.pdf
LMGj-05+06aClaire+lBridge-recorder.pdf LMGj-05+06aClaire+lBridge-recorder.pdf
LMGj-05+06aClaire+lBridge-ukulele.pdf LMGj-05+06aClaire+lBridge-ukulele.pdf
MGj-Auclaire-lead_sheet.pdf MGj-Auclaire-lead_sheet.pdf
LMGj-LondonBridge-lead_sheet.pdf LMGj-LondonBridge-lead_sheet.pdf