LMGiii, Lesson 15 (last one)

I finished notating and adding parts for Let's Musicise, LMGiii, Lesson 15. Today added bass and left hand piano and created the score. Also created all parts: guitar/ukulele, piano voice 1 and 2, recorder, bass/drums.

LMGiii-15-all-score.pdf LMGiii-15-all-score.pdf
LMGiii-15-drum'n'bass.pdf LMGiii-15-drum'n'bass.pdf
LMGiii-15-v1-guitar,ukulele.pdf LMGiii-15-v1-guitar,ukulele.pdf
LMGiii-15-v1-piano.pdf LMGiii-15-v1-piano.pdf
LMGiii-15-v1-recorder.pdf LMGiii-15-v1-recorder.pdf
LMGiii-15-v2-piano.pdf LMGiii-15-v2-piano.pdf