Adding piano left hand and bass for LMGiii, lesson 13

So, after discovering the way Lilypond works on its end-of-line key-cancellations, had some time and created bass line and left-hand piano for lesson 13.

Attached are the score and a draft mp3 (version 1)

Further, I remade left hand piano, created a strumming guitar pattern, so now the score looks and sounds much more logical (version 2)


Further changed the left hand piano, and took out some notes from the 2nd voice, to make it clearer...(version3)

Also, the parts are ready now:

  • LMGiii-13-all-score.pdf
  • LMGiii-13-drum'n'bass.pdf
  • LMGiii-13-v1-guitar,ukulele.pdf
  • LMGiii-13-v1-piano.pdf
  • LMGiii-13-v1-recorder.pdf
  • LMGiii-13-v2-piano.pdf

I am also looking for a new, logical short name for Let's Musicise, to distinguish it from LMG, the infant version.

Here are a few possible suggestions:

  • Originally it's LM
  • LMGii - as a second level.
  • LMGx - as in extra, extended.
  • LMGy - as in Young adults
  • LMGa - as in advanced
  • LMGiii seems the most logical - LMGi being the Learning to Play; LMGii the songs on recorder for Y3+4
LMGx-13-all-score-version3.pdf LMGx-13-all-score-version3.pdf
LMGX-13-drum'n'bass.pdf LMGX-13-drum'n'bass.pdf
LMGX-13-v1-guitar,ukulele.pdf LMGX-13-v1-guitar,ukulele.pdf
LMGX-13-v1-piano.pdf LMGX-13-v1-piano.pdf
LMGX-13-v1-recorder.pdf LMGX-13-v1-recorder.pdf
LMGX-13-v2-piano.pdf LMGX-13-v2-piano.pdf
LMGx-13-all-score-version2.pdf LMGx-13-all-score-version2.pdf
LMGx-13-all-score-version1.pdf LMGx-13-all-score-version1.pdf