Let's Musicise

Oh My Darling Clemetine: a draft score for the LMGj series

10 Mar 2018

I figured that I ought to have a score for teachers for let's Musicise, LMGj series.

So, here's a draft of Oh My Darling Clementine, consisting of:

  • the melody
  • lyrics
  • chord names
  • left hand piano
  • guitar/ukulele strum indication
  • additional verses

Oh Susanna and Incy WincySpider for guitar

10 Mar 2018

Let's Musicise, LMGj series is a method for classroom teaching ages 6-9. LMGj stands for Let's Musicise, instruments comfortable in G (recorder etc), Juniors.

Was tweaking the guitar part for Oh Susanna and Incy WincySpider.

LMGi notation coming to an end

4 Mar 2018

The transfer of two lessons on one page for LMGi took less time then expected.

Here's a preview of the LMGi, ukulele series.

Working on LMGi, putting two lessons in one page

3 Mar 2018

LMGi is short for Let's Musicise in G, level 1; it's a method for learning to read music in a classroom.

The lessons are very short, 8 bars each, so I was looking for ways to make two lessons fit into one page, with titles etc.

Looking good so far...

Chord diagrams or not?

3 Mar 2018

While working on the LMGi classroom method, I initially decided to use both guitar and ukulele tabs at the same, for two songs per page.

But then I stumbled across an earlier version, where I used to put down the chord-diagrams on the same page (as the examples at the top).

Which means that instead of two lessons and two instruments on one page, I will need to have two lessons and one instrument - but it will have chord-diagrams and looks much clearer (examples at the bottom).

LMGiii, Lesson 15 (last one)

1 Mar 2018

I finished notating and adding parts for Let's Musicise, LMGiii, Lesson 15. Today added bass and left hand piano and created the score. Also created all parts: guitar/ukulele, piano voice 1 and 2, recorder, bass/drums.

LMGiii, lesson 14, The End

1 Mar 2018

[28/2/18] Started working on LMGiii Lesson 14, there were the voice 1, voice 2 and drum parts written.

[1/3/18] Created parts: bass and left hand piano, also simplified much of the Voice 2.

re-Created LMGi, Lessons 2a and 2b

28 Feb 2018

I am learning how to create 2 compositions on one page in Lilypond, and I used a very complicated method so far. But found a much simpler solution and quickly created the content for LMGi, Lessons 2a and 2b.

Adding piano left hand and bass for LMGiii, lesson 13

27 Feb 2018

So, after discovering the way Lilypond works on its end-of-line key-cancellations, had some time and created bass line and left-hand piano for lesson 13.

Attached are the score and a draft mp3 (version 1)

Further, I remade left hand piano, created a strumming guitar pattern, so now the score looks and sounds much more logical (version 2)


Further changed the left hand piano, and took out some notes from the 2nd voice, to make it clearer...(version3)

Also, the parts are ready now:

  • LMGiii-13-all-score.pdf
  • LMGiii-13-drum'n'bass.pdf
  • LMGiii-13-v1-guitar,ukulele.pdf
  • LMGiii-13-v1-piano.pdf
  • LMGiii-13-v1-recorder.pdf
  • LMGiii-13-v2-piano.pdf

I am also looking for a new, logical short name for Let's Musicise, to distinguish it from LMG, the infant version.

Here are a few possible suggestions:

  • Originally it's LM
  • LMGii - as a second level.
  • LMGx - as in extra, extended.
  • LMGy - as in Young adults
  • LMGa - as in advanced
  • LMGiii seems the most logical - LMGi being the Learning to Play; LMGii the songs on recorder for Y3+4