LMGi notation coming to an end

4 Mar 2018

The transfer of two lessons on one page for LMGi took less time then expected.

Here's a preview of the LMGi, ukulele series.

Working on LMGi, putting two lessons in one page

3 Mar 2018

LMGi is short for Let's Musicise in G, level 1; it's a method for learning to read music in a classroom.

The lessons are very short, 8 bars each, so I was looking for ways to make two lessons fit into one page, with titles etc.

Looking good so far...

Chord diagrams or not?

3 Mar 2018

While working on the LMGi classroom method, I initially decided to use both guitar and ukulele tabs at the same, for two songs per page.

But then I stumbled across an earlier version, where I used to put down the chord-diagrams on the same page (as the examples at the top).

Which means that instead of two lessons and two instruments on one page, I will need to have two lessons and one instrument - but it will have chord-diagrams and looks much clearer (examples at the bottom).