Let's Musicise

What is Let's Musicise?

Let's Musicise (LM for short) is a method for for teaching the whole class in a primary school play to read, perform, improvise and create music. It was inspired by years of frustration in trying and failing to teach a whole class to learn to read notes.

I have implemented it in our school for a few years and the music learning and enthusiasm have gone through the roof – almost EVERY single child from Y1 to Y6 reads and plays music in our school now. As they are allowed to come to the music room during breaks and lunch, I see them practise the lessons on a daily basis. Not only that - they open to the ideas and make distinctions between  improvising, making variations and creating brand new tunes.

The complete program consists of 3 levels plus the Rhythmic Notation section - to be used as introduction as well as supplement files to all other sections.


Name UK  US Age Main instrument (key) Additional instruments & notes
Rhythmic Notation Rec to Y4 K1 to 3rd Grade 4-9 Percussion Rhythmic melodies of the songs used in Chime bars, Ocarina and Music4Primary 1
Chime bars Year 1-2 K2 - 1st Grade 5-7 Chime bars (C) piano
Ocarina Year 2-3 1st-2nd Grade 6-8 Ocarina (D) piano
Music for Primary 1 Year 3-4 2nd-3rd Grade 7-9 Recorder (G) piano, guitar, ukulele
Music for Primary 2 Year 5-6 4th-5th Grade 9-11 Guitar, piano (G) recorder, ukulele, percussion; additional level for advanced users

Use VLC media player - it has the amazing feature to play faster and slower (usually using the shortcuts "[" and "]") and it's available for all computer platforms.


All notation and word documents are created using Open Source Software