Guitar chords

There are three pdf files, each of them containing the 12 major, minor or seventh guitar chord diagrams. The diagrams are coloured by pitch according to their root note.

The chords are given in their most basic inversion.

The chords are also given their enharmonic names (G#/Ab).

Under the diagrams there's a classic 5-line stave containing the notes used in each chord, with coloured notes by pitch and the note names engraved in the note heads.

There's also a guitar tablature under the diagram and stave of each chord, displaying the fingering. The tablature is given as an alternative way of reading the diagram.

Finally, there's a fourth pdf file, containing only the diagrams of all 36 chords: 12 major, minor and seventh chords.

Created using Lilypond/Frescobaldi. Free download for educational use.