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A Greek bouzouki instrumental arranged for two bouzoukias, in 8/4 & 9/4 time-signature.

The title 'Vari Rebetiko' might be a bit misleading. In the sense that this is not so much a proper Rebetiko tune, but rather it refers to the meter. In this case is a combination of 8/4 and 9/4. Now, 9/4 is a Zeimbekiko time signature, while 8/4 is a variation of that, giving the tune and its melody unusual turns and timings.

The character of the track is rather light, positive and sunny. Playing with the time signatures was the main fun and aim of this tune.

Composed and recorded 2003, published 2005 on the album The Sunny Island.Βάρη Ρεμπέτικο; THE OLYMPIAN DANCE