Lyrical and romantic Greek bouzouki instrumental. 

According to Wikipedia, Melancholia (from Greek μελαγχολία), is a mood disorder of non-specific depression, characterized by low levels of enthusiasm and eagerness for activity.

But in the Balkans it's more than that: Melancholy in the consciousness of a Balkan person is when you get connected with yourself, when you have a very strong awareness of being yourself. But it goes deeper than that: it's mixed with a feeling of great closeness with the people who are seating at the table with you at that moment, sadness for dear people who are missing, nostalgia for the old times, elegy- the awareness that the word could have been so much nicer with a little effort from people in the right direction.

One must visit the Balkans, drink for many hours with local people, open his/her soul to them, accept their souls - and you'll understand that it can't be described. That's why there is the music.