A traditional English (Cornish) Christmas Carol  arranged as a calm Greek baglamas instrumental ballad; on a layer of strings on top of a Zeimbekiko rhythm

This is the clash of civilisations: Zeimbekiko is a slow 9/4 time-signature and the Baglamas is the instrument of the prisoners (in the previous century). The attempt here is to connect these two typical Greek and near Eastern elements with the sublime, heavenly and thus, pretty simple major melody of the Noel. The challenge is that the Zeimbekiko rhythm doesn't come on the way of the melody. But rather adds to its mystical power.

I know this song from the American jazz singers, hence Noel in the title (instead of Nowell). The combination of Greek baglamas and a soft keyboard does all the trick here. The rhythm that subtly rumbles behind is a Greek Zeimbekiko (9/8).