A Balkan tamboura instrumental , accompanied on acoustic guitar with and a few mandolins.

(inspiration) This is an instrumental tune about my divorce. It tells the whole story about the sadness of a man.

The composition is made up of for parts: part 1 is the beginning, the introduction; setting the sad tone, the pain; reflecting on the past events. It repeats twice, with the mandolins adding extra layers of depth in the storytelling.

The tune suddenly goes to the second, major (chord) part of the song. This is more nostalgic than sad, there's even a joy in telling the past events.

Then, there's the 3rd, the dark part; the pain is expressed here, the disbelief, the shock, the emptiness.

And then, part 4: turning forward. Everything is painful, but one must not dwell too long in reflecting and looking back; one must learn from the mistakes, be brave, and continue walking, hoping for a better future. The ending of the tune is making piece with oneself, coming to terms, accepting.