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Marie Dilber Bela Marie (Марие, Дилбер Бела Марие) is a beautiful Macedonian traditional song, elegiac, dreamy and peaceful. The lyrics are about a lady who thread heddles on a loom for weaving; and she is quietly crying; the storyteller asks her whether the loom or its parts are  broken? She replies that neither the loom nor its parts are broken, but her darling is in a jail in Bitola (a city in Macedonia).

Traditionally, this song is performed with a strong emphasis on the 7/8 (3+2+2) rhythm, as a dance. But I felt that a guitar arpeggio would unleash the hidden beauty and serenity that this gentle song contains. And the space between the verses - it lets the sound of silence of that room (where the loom is) to come forward and spread around...

This recording of the song appears also on the album 'Pesnite Zvezdeni' (2007)

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Macedonian traditional song in contemporary arrangement