29 Jul 2014

My friend Thierry Deneux just released a new song.
So good - full of French and Mediterranean nostalgia, gentleness, culture, passion and emotion. And a ring of truthfulness, which is probably Thierry's best quality, besides his voice.

The story behind the track "The Battle"

29 Jul 2014

...just voice, just melody - her soft voice whispering through the sound of the wind and searching, discovering and capturing strange and mystical worlds of the past of the island, combined with her own past, of course...

The story behind the track "Green Landscape"

28 Jul 2014

When good Vojvodian singer hires a "Tamburashki Orkestar" for his/her concerts and recordings, the combination produces pure magic of meek, beautiful and soothing music that purifies the heart. One of the best examples is Zvonko Bogdan.He sings the Blues of Vojvodina, he tells the stories of its people in a manner that you simply don't want him to stop.

The story behind the track "Aggressive"

25 Jul 2014

Rock and Blues are my my roots, as much as Balkan music. Actually, in our youth we only listened to Western music. Our own folk songs were seen as simple, old-fashioned, with silly texts - in other words - totally uncool.